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ISF ALERT - Please review CSMS #13-00298 titled "Initiation Date for Liquidated Damages for ISF Non-Compliance."

For information on ISF, please go to CBP's website or use this link to get to the ISF page.


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Customized Industry News for our Clients

Change is constant in the freight forwarding and US customs brokerage.  These changes effect transits times, shipping costs, and regulations related to global security and customs formalities.  Some changes don’t impact our clients, and parts affect some and not others.

We will provide customized “bulletins” to our clients when an Industry change will impact them, specifically.

Current industry topics that may interest you include:

To Order Bills of Lading from Chinese Vendors
Transportation Security Administration Initiatives
European Union Import Security Program
Cargo Capacity from the Pacific during the Lunar New Year
Marine Cargo Insurance
New IncoTerms 2010

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  Labeling Requirement for Advertising Toys and Games  

Regulation of wood packaging material in international trade

C-TPAT Information
CTPAT : U.S. Importers Minimum Security Criteria
Compliance With ISO's 17712 Standards for High Security Seals
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Application For C-TPAT, Frequently Asked Questions
C-TPAT Best Practices Catalog
C-TPAT Minimum Security Criteria and Guidelines
C-TPAT Importer Eligibility Requirements
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Supply Chain Security In a New Business Environment
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